//Interview with ACPV General Director Ivan Miljković

Interview with ACPV General Director Ivan Miljković

Zurich, Switzerland, November 23, 2018. Olympic as well as European champion and newly appointed ACPV General Director Ivan Miljković explains how he wants to give something back to Volleyball with his responsibility at the ACPV.

Hello Mr. Miljković, what are your thoughts on the first two weeks of the ACPV if you have to take stock now?

Ivan Miljković:We are very happy about the huge amount of interest amongst the professional Volleyball clubs. In my opinion, this change is crucial for the growth of club Volleyball. One the one hand, we have been in contact with various potential new members in the last two weeks. On the other, we are working hand-in-hand with the members of the ACPV on the first steps the association will  be taking in order to take club Volleyball to another level.

You can look back to an impressive career as Volleyball player. You gathered one Olympic gold, two European Championship titles, and silver at World Championship with your home nation Serbia; why such a big project after such a breath-taking career?

Ivan Miljković:Although I hung up my boots, I still love Volleyball. And when I was asked if I could imagine working at the ACPV I did not need a second invitation. Volleyball is my life and in my opinion, our beloved sport has got so much untapped potential. I am sure that if the Volleyball clubs stand together, we can take Volleyball to a whole new level and keep up with other sports – because that is what our beloved sport needs. I am proud to support the elite clubs in Volleyball to reach this goal with my position as General Manager at the ACPV. In my opinion, the clubs are the foundations of Volleyball as they have the crucial role of forming young players who then join the national teams. If we do not support clubs with the challenges they face now, Volleyball will not be able to grow anymore.

What is the feedback you got from clubs and other experts in club Volleyball?

Ivan Miljković: We have only received positive feedback – not only from the clubs and from officials, but from players, too. Many of my player friends contacted me when they heard about the ACPV and said that the closing of the elite clubs can only have a positive effect on the growth of club Volleyball – and Volleyball in general. That is why I am doing everything in my power to make sure the ACPV lives up to the high expectations of the clubs and the players who want to bring change to Volleyball.

What are the next steps for the ACPV?

Ivan Miljković: At the moment, we are working on various strategic papers and guidelines and talking to clubs who are interested in becoming part of the ACPV. On the other hand, we are trying to establish relations and stay in contact with the various national federations as well as the FIVB and the CEV. Our intention is to present the mission and vision of the ACPV to the larger Volleyball community in order to become a trusted partner. The idea is to get the opportunity to present the vision of the ACPV on some of the game’s important topics and proposals for how to deal with challenges, which can be of use for everybody – and most of all Volleyball.

Image: N. Skenderija

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