//ACPV General Manager Ivan Miljković discusses the association’s future plans

ACPV General Manager Ivan Miljković discusses the association’s future plans

Zurich, Switzerland, March 6, 2019 – Following an eventful opening 100 days of existence for the ACPV, General Manager Ivan Miljković speaks more specifically on the future of Volleyball and how he sees the ACPV as having a role in shaping it.


What do you see as helping shape the future of volleyball?

Blockchain, virtual currencies, AI, OTT, fan experience and fan activation and some other things are the future of our lives, sport included. The goal is not to only run behind the current situation but rather be able to think 10-15 years ahead. We don’t want to simply follow those who are ahead of us to reach them (there will always be somebody who is further ahead) but also to act as an example as to how some things could be done. A good starting point is the 11 goals outlined by the president of the FIVB.

What about sustainability?

We all should converse more and be more open about sustainability, since it involves everyone. The first unique idea volleyball could introduce is to make all volleyball competitions paper-free. Let’s start with something simple and build from there. A good idea that the CEV has, is a Volleyball Way, Green Way. We can all work to support and develop this.

There appears to be a chain of volleyball stakeholders and indeed a chain leading up from school level to professional. Do you have anything to say about this?

There is a clear list of all Volleyball stakeholders and the relations between all of them, which form the volleyball chain of stakeholders, and everyone in the chain should have clear responsibilities but also their own rights. Each one is connected and if one is not working at its full potential, the final product will not have the value to compete on the market. School level volleyball is the grassroots level, leading up to volleyball school (minivolley) – then you have the clubs, then the governing leagues. Above the leagues are the national federations and the national team, before breaking into continental championships and world championships. The Olympic Games are the very top level of the sport.

What are the next steps that the ACPV intends to take?

The idea is to start discussions and give propositions on some topics which, according to ACPV members, not solely clubs, were overlooked and hadn’t been given priority, and we feel they should be. The current situation is not so good for volleyball clubs, not only in regards to the recognition of the clubs and of contracts as an important stakeholders of the volleyball chain, but also regarding the international calendar (national team season and domestic league period, players’ transfer regulations, etc). The ACPV will promote itself as a representative of all volleyball clubs, open for all clubs who share the same ideas as our members do. The ACPV recognises the issues, as the league associations and clubs from those leagues do, and the governing bodies of championships. However, in order to make something good for volleyball in the long term (more spectators in the venues, more children starting to play volleyball, more gyms and facilities with volleyball equipment, more volleyball idols, etc), all stakeholders, who recognise what the real problems are, must put the interests of volleyball before personal ones and short term gain. The best solution for this, which will connect all stakeholders is DIALOGUE. Everything should start from this for the benefit of all, volleyball first.

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