//ACPV to introduce new Club Ranking system

ACPV to introduce new Club Ranking system

Zurich, Switzerland, February 12, 2019 – The ACPV are continuing to lay down the foundations for improving the structures of European Club Volleyball, the latest step being to introduce a new ranking system for club sides, moving away from the traditional FIVB and CEV systems of ranking only national sides.

Club volleyball can celebrate another milestone as the ACPV introduce its new Club Ranking system merely dedicated to European women’s and men’s side based on the point system of the CEV competitions. ACPV General Manager Ivan Miljković sees this as the latest step in the ACPV’s campaign to improve how club Volleyball in Europe is run.

“Unfortunately, there had not been a ranking exclusively dedicated to clubs although the clubs have gathered points for their nations in the systems according to their results in CEV competitions. Therefore, the ACPV decided to introduce a ranking system based on the points the clubs have gathered in the last five years,” Miljković said.

The new ranking system proposed by the ACPV is to be entirely independent of national team achievements and competitions, and will be comprised of clubs which have participated in CEV club competitions in the last five years.

“This system is definitely a dearly needed innovation as it helps fans and potential sponsors get a clear picture of club volleyball in Europe and rewards the teams that have consistently achieved strong results over the last five years,” Miljković continued.

The new ranking will span both the men’s and women’s teams of the respective clubs, and will both include and take into account the details of every game played, the match outcome, and the impact on the ranking table.

ACPV General Manager Miljković is glad that the Club Ranking has been received positively not only by clubs, but also by volleyball experts and officials: “We have only received positive feedback. Everybody is convinced that this Ranking System creates added value to European club volleyball.”

Its introduction to official channels will provide the ACPV with key information as to how to progress with their strategy, and is unlikely to be the last major innovation as the ACPV looks to bring more to the table in future.

Click here to see the ranking system.

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