//ACPV present at CEV seminar and Volleyball Gala in Sofia

ACPV present at CEV seminar and Volleyball Gala in Sofia

Zurich, Switzerland, November 18, 2019 – The ACPV was recently represented at the annual CEV European Volleyball Gala event in Sofia, Bulgaria, taking part in a short seminar at the Hotel Marinela in Sofia, held on October 27. 

Around 60 people were present at the seminar, including representatives of the clubs due to participate in the CEV Champions League 2020, national federation representatives, CEV officials and some of the game’s European stars, who also appeared at the main gala.

The event was aimed at celebrating some of the CEV’s activities over the previous year, and also included the highly anticipated Drawing of Lots for the Pool Phase of the CEV Champions League 2020.

The ACPV was represented at the seminar by General Manager, Ivan Miljković, who attended after feeling that the chance to meet with familiar faces, officials, and club representatives to continue discussion about the future of the European game was too good to turn down.

Miljković said: “With the high volume of representatives there from national federations and clubs, the seminar in Sofia was a perfect opportunity to continue dialogue and represent our members.

“It was also an opportunity to congratulate some of the clubs personally for their recent achievements and understand some of their experiences. This is especially relevant with regards to their perspectives of playing in CEV competitions and how they feel about issues such as organisation.”

Miljković also engaged in a number of friendly discussions with the CEV officials present at the seminar. After praising some CEV initiatives in recent months concerning national teams and some of the host nations for CEV tournaments, it was inevitable that the concerns of clubs would also become part of the discussion.

Miljković explained: “We had to touch on some key issues regarding the volleyball clubs themselves, as well as the well-known issues with transfers, the season calendar, fixtures and players.

“We at the ACPV feel that the only solution for these current problems that clubs face is to solve them via friendly discussions and exchanging viewpoints.”

The purpose of all discussions on the night was to establish the interests of all stakeholders present, to ensure that the decisions of the CEV, as Europe’s governing body, are made and implemented for the benefit of everyone.

These decisions will be made with the involvement of all parties in not only discussion, but also in the decision-making process and execution of these decisions. This creates a two-way dialogue, implementation, execution and monitoring of a situation which then arises.

The next step will be to create a model where any problems which arise as a consequence of CEV decisions can be solved in an institutional and systematic way, in a short space of time. This will ensure that there is no interference in the development of the sport in the interim.

Speaking on this, Miljković said: “The creation of a standardised system, which is accepted and respected by all stakeholders, might be the only way to create additional value and interest for all stakeholders to make more of an effort in developing the game”.

Another point raised at the seminar was the continued success of gathering expertise from other fields and sports which can be implemented in volleyball.

The CEV recently met with representatives of Bayern Munich’s Basketball Club and other experts from the Basketball Euroleague, in an effort to gather new ideas and compare the work being done with that in volleyball. The conclusion was that the ideas gathered were positive and can only improve the status quo in volleyball, however, more must be done internally within volleyball to develop its product and its regulations to help reach the levels of other sports.

Miljković added: “The general conclusion was that we can still do more in volleyball in this respect to reach the levels of other sports, especially on the professional and business side of things. The ideas from other sports are good, but there is always more we can do ourselves.”

The ACPV relished the opportunity to establish further contact with clubs and national federations, with Miljković confident that these new relations could generate more support for some of its plans for the future.

Miljković said: “The contacts I made in Sofia with other clubs and representatives were very fruitful. After these discussions I am confident that it should bring the ACPV additional support for its future activities”.

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