//ACPV can look back to a special 2018

ACPV can look back to a special 2018

2018 will definitely go down in history as a very important year for club volleyball. Since its official launch on November 7, the Association des Clubs Professionnels de Volleyball has achieved various successes.

Fifteen prime volleyball clubs and leagues have agreed to join the ACPV to date, to stand together for progress in international club volleyball.

ACPV President Stav Jacobi is proud of the first milestones the recently founded association could already celebrate over the first two months. ‘The big interest of the volleyball clubs and leagues in Europe and around the globe in the ACPV proves that the ACPV is exactly what international club volleyball needs. Volleyball can only grow if the pioneers of club volleyball stand shoulder-to-shoulder.’

ACPV General Manager and 2002 Olympic champ Ivan Miljković has merely received positive feedback from various big names in international volleyball and sports. ‘We talked to many volleyball clubs, federations, leagues, and officials – not only in volleyball. And all of them were convinced that club volleyball needs an organisation like the ACPV if it wants to grow and face the challenges that await sports in the 21st century.’

Miljković knows that the number of members will certainly increase in the coming weeks, too. ‘In the last weeks, numerous clubs, national federations all over Europe contacted us to learn more about the ACPV and how to become members. We are confident we can announce more new members in the upcoming weeks.’

President Stav Jacobi knows the ACPV welcomes every professional club. ‘The ACPV is a platform to exchange ideas. The members of the ACPV are committed to finding the best solutions for the growth of club volleyball together. Therefore, we are pleased about every input into this project. Only together we can take club volleyball to a new level.’

Miljković is sure the ACPV could learn a lot from the clubs and the diverging contexts at the clubs. ‘We sat together with the clubs and wanted to learn from them what has to change in professional club volleyball in their opinion. Our 6+1 values are one of the results of these meetings with the leaders of club volleyball. Now we want to tackle other important issues.’

‘The ACPV and its members can definitely be proud of the accomplishments in 2018. Nevertheless, we are already focusing on the goals and tasks for the upcoming year.’

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