//ACPV boosted by positive reaction to EU Forum

ACPV boosted by positive reaction to EU Forum

Zurich, Switzerland, May 17, 2019- The ACPV has received a major boost to its future plans after its involvement at the recent EU Forum was met with positive reaction by its member clubs.

Various key issues to the ACPV’s agenda were tabled at the forum, including the rights and interests of players and whether governing bodies in sport and the EU act in a sufficient manner to safeguard such rights.

ACPV General Manager Ivan Miljković has said that the enthusiasm for member clubs to be up to date with the latest developments of these talks can only be positive.

“The reactions amongst members from the EU Forum are good,” Miljković said.

“Many clubs and individuals wanted more information from me about the developments and meetings. This enthusiasm and desire to be involved can only be good for our cause”.

Other topics included the role of federations in promoting European sport, and how law and justice within the parameters of sport can be implemented by governing bodies. In this regard, Miljković has revealed that other sports forums have reached out to the ACPV since the meeting in Bucharest.

“I have received many invitations to join sport forums worldwide and also be guest of an NGO regarding good government and transparency in sport,” Miljković explained.

Miljković does feel, however, that volleyball needs wider representation at such meetings and summits, from federations, clubs and even players themselves.

“What was interesting is that, during the Forum, feedback and involvement from people in volleyball was lacking, and it tends to be minimal at these types of meetings in general”.

“Equally, regarding volleyball players, almost all other team sports already have a players’ union which has an active role in many meetings. In volleyball this is not the case. This is something that we can review and look to change in the future”.

With such positive feedback from members following the forum, several more similar summits will surely be on the agenda for Miljković and the ACPV as its network continues to develop.

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