//ACPV accepts invitation to attend 2019 Play the Game Forum

ACPV accepts invitation to attend 2019 Play the Game Forum

Zurich, Switzerland, May 10, 2019 – It is confirmed that the ACPV will be present at the 2019 Play the Game Forum in Colorado Springs, USA, this autumn, after General Manager, Ivan Miljković, was confirmed amongst the keynote speakers.

Miljković will have the unique opportunity to air the ACPV’s views at the 11th Play the Game forum as one of a total 120 prestigious speakers from the sporting world, which includes the former head of the FBI investigation into the FIFA corruption scandal, Evan Norris.

The forum will take place over four days between the 13 and 16 October, and the ongoing criminal investigations into prominent and powerful leaders in sport will be one of the key issues on the forum agenda.

Other key issues that will be raised at the forum include safeguarding athletes and preventing sexual abuse in sport, as well as promoting anti-doping measures, with the departing chair of WADA’s Athlete Committee, Beckie Scott, and former WADA Director, Robert Koehler, also amongst the speakers.

Jesper Møller, reigning president of the Danish Football Association, and former member of the UEFA Committee will also be speaking from the football world, whilst from the world of skiing, Sarah Lewis, secretary general of the International Ski Federation, will be present.

“I am delighted to have received the invitation to speak at the 11th edition of the Play the Game forum and gratefully accepted the invitation,” ACPV General Manager, Ivan Miljković said.

“It will be a fantastic opportunity for the ACPV not only to share its views with such prominent and powerful people in the sporting world, but also to expand our profile and our network further”.

Play the Game’s own international director, Jens Sejer Andersen, was also thrilled to name the ACPV amongst its collection of prestigious speakers at the upcoming forum.

“At this early stage of the programme planning, we are happy to offer an exciting mix of old and new names among our speakers, who are all of high quality,” the Andersen says.

“120 speakers is a satisfying number that lays a solid foundation for the conference programme.”

Despite having such a high number of prominent speakers already, more people and organisations can still seize the opportunity to present an abstract at the meeting, after Play the Game set a second application deadline for Monday 20 May. Abstracts and storylines delivered beyond the deadline will be reviewed in a rolling procedure, but won’t be guaranteed a timeline for the review nor a place in the forum programme.

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