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International Calendar

How it is in Volleyball now:

  1. The National Team period is from 16 May to 15 October and the National League season is from 16 October to 15 May. (FIVB Sport Regulations – Duration of Transfer)
  2. All clubs are obliged to release players to play with their national team in FIVB international competitions at any time during the fixed period of 16 May to 15 October unless the club has previously obtained both National Federation and FIVB authorization to retain such players. (FIVB Sport Regulations – Club Team)

How it is in other Sports:

  1. Olympic Games, World Championships, continental championships: Releases shall be limited to a period from 15 days prior to the beginning of the competition to 1 day after the end of the competition, but not more than a maximum of 29 days per above-mentioned competition. (IHF Player Eligibility Code-Release of Players to National Team)
  2. The dates of events and releasing periods mentioned under and are fixed in the so called IHF World Calendar which is approved by the IHF Council and published in general two seasons ahead. (IHF Player Eligibility Code-Release of Players to National Team)

Our Goals:

The players have been exploited over the limit with more than 70 games per calendar year. The recent number of injury indicate that the players need a recovery period, and that does not mean only physical but also mental on order to be ready to give their full potential during the competition and make every game and tournament worth of a real top class volleyball event. After a long club season (top players finish playing final of the playoffs with almost 15 intensive games in a short period), before the start of the national team tournaments, the players should have a possibility to have some time to recover and prepare for the national team period. The statements from competent bodies like volleyball coaches’ or players’ union supported by the volleyball clubs should be taken in serious consideration. EU law regarding workers and leave time from work defines this period of minimum 4 paid weeks of rest per year.

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