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Welcome to the ACPV-Family!

Take 2 minutes and fill out the following application form. Once your application has been manually reviewed by us, we will send you a written confirmation.

You can find further information about the goals, etc. at www.acpv.eu/association/membership.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our team at support@acpv.org.


Please select the desired category first. You will then be asked to provide further information.

The Applicant applies to become an

of the Association des Clubs Professionnels de Volleyball. Any legal entity being in the current season or having been in the last season national champion of a CEV affiliated national federation, participant of the group phase of the CEV Volleyball Champions League or one of the top 8 clubs of the CEV Volleyball Cup has the entitlement to become a Ordinary Member of the ACPV. Such legal entity becomes a Member upon receipt of its written notification. Any other natural person or legal entity wishing to become a Member shall apply in writing to the Managing Board. The Member has rights and obligations according to the Statutes as published under www.acpv.eu. A Member may resign from ACPV with effect from 30 June of the relevant calendar year . Notice of resignation must reach the Managing Board no later than 30 March of the relevant calendar year.

Please note: You will receive an automatic message as soon as your application form has reached us. The Membership is only valid after written confirmation from ACPV.

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